Youth Work

Furry Youth Café

Furry Youth Café is a lottery funded provision in the centre of Helston. Currently there are two sessions that run on a Tuesday and Friday evening 6-8pm. The focus of the sessions is to empower young people to become more confident in dealing with the world around them. Our dedicated team strive to ensure the project is led by the wants and needs of the young people, encouraging them plan what they wish to do on a weekly basis.

Porthleven outreach – Our team has been asked to work with the community in Porthleven to create and grow links between the young population and the wider community. Currently we work with young people on a Monday evening 5-8pm taking part in sport activities 

In addition we offer the following services:

  • 1-1 support to young people
  • C-Card
  • IAG support
  • Mentoring opportunities