About PCDT

Our values:

Our aims:

  • Promote and develop economic initiatives of benefit to communities in Cornwall, through working in partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Provide and support co-operative initiatives between the voluntary and community sector and public and private agencies to foster community gain.
  • Provide high quality training and capacity building for voluntary and community organisations, leading to increased transferable skills, and better delivery of local projects.
  • Provide management expertise and support services to projects of community benefit.
  • Maximise skills in the workforce to develop innovative ways to support voluntary and community organisations in Cornwall.
  • Act as an advocate for communities and volunteers.
  • Play a part in the strategic future of the voluntary and community sector in Cornwall, and lead by example.
  • Champion small voluntary community organisations in Cornwall.
  • Work towards self-sufficiency as an organisation, with less dependency on grant funding.

We work in partnership with other organisations to ensure that:

  • Information can be disseminated quickly, giving the opportunity to ‘hit the ground running’ when opportunities arise.
  • Resources are maximised, and there is no re-invention of the wheel.
  • Small grass-roots organisations are supported.
  • Training needs are identified.
  • Greater opportunities for community development from the bottom up are recognised.
  • The voluntary sector becomes a powerful force with a voice: dozens of voices can shout louder than one.

Our trustees are all local residents who offer a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience.


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